Tuscany Is One Of The Best Honeymoon Destinations In The World

(Last Updated On: November 21, 2017)
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An annual survey by Modern Bride magazine in 2007 to till now Italy topped the number one list as a honeymoon destination, which is also one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world. And without any doubt, it is a most romantic city in Italy on the Tyrrhenian Sea. For being a romantic city, Tuscany is one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world for an iconic honeymoon to dream of. The region has all the right and countless ingredients for being one of the best honeymoon destinations for newlyweds with its history of art and science, traditions, culture, Renaissance architecture, lush gardens, fountains, rolling hills, beautiful beaches, great food, well-known museums, world-famous parish churches, excellent local wines and much more.

In central Italy, Tuscany (Italian Toscana) is the beauty of the countryside. The regional capital is Florence. There are so many beautiful towns in Tuscan, deserves to be the best honeymoon destinations in the world, seven of them have been designated World Heritage Sites. A few of them deserves special mention: one is the San Gimignano, other is the Pienza and the another one is Cortona. Churches and Museums in the San Gimignano are small but contains so much beauty. Pienza is famed for its architectural museum and the great art of small town Cortona is an exception.

best honeymoon destinations in the world

Tuscany is world-famous for its wines. To list the varieties of wine found in Tuscany are too many. In particular, Brunello receives lots of awards regularly, Chianti Classico is the best examples of world-class wine and for something famous examples are Tignanello and Sassicaia. Nothing can be better than uncork a bottle of the magnificent red wine with your honey with the backdrop of the rolling hills, makes you feel you’re experiencing the best honeymoon destinations in the world for a lifetime.

best honeymoon destinations in the world

Tuscany and its capital Florence attract millions of tourists annually, making this region one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in Europe as well as in the world. Either it’s a honeymoon, family vacation, holiday, all inclusive vacations or a romantic getaway; Tuscany is equally popular for. Ideal times to visit Tuscan, Italy is during the winter months from January to the end of March, mid-season from the middle of September to mid-December and April to June.

best honeymoon destinations in the world

The natural landscapes of Tuscan make this countryside extremely beautiful. Farming of grape vines, olive trees, recent production sunflower cultivation, over 120 protected nature reserves, soft mists and forest groves & rocks covered in moss and grass, many abbeys and basilicas ensure this region is worth your honeymoon. Ancient estates and farmhouses provide charming accommodations for honeymooners. World-class hotels and villas are available with great offers.

best honeymoon destinations in the world

There are many things to do in Tuscany. For example, you can enjoy fascinating sunsets over the sea, great taste of Tuscan food, trekking, great biking opportunities, do golf, health spas, shopping handcrafted jewelry, leather, ceramics, hand-milled soap and purchase at the world’s best brands including Gucci, Ferragamo, and Pucci, also can purchase cheeses and fresh wines straight from the farmers and manufacturers, bathing in the legendary area of Versilia (known as one of the first birth of bathing areas), the fashionable coastal resorts for the hillside bed and breakfasts, a day at the beach in Viareggio and the list goes on and on!

best honeymoon destinations in the world

There are unlimited reasons to choose Tuscany as your most romantic honeymoon destinations. Try to book your intimate love session for the off or mid-season to ensure some private time on your honeymoon.

As always, you’re highly recommended to discuss your trip with an expert travel guide and do ensure your travel insurance before traveling anywhere in the world.

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