Why Amsterdam Is The Romantic Honeymoon Destination

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Beauty and the flavor of ancient time- want to enjoy both of them on your honeymoon? Then the Romantic Honeymoon Destination, Amsterdam can be the very first choice of you. Yeap, Amsterdam, the most popular tourist destination of the world is much known to all. But have you ever thought how much exciting it can make your honeymoon? No? Then let’s find out the beauty and places of this awesome place of Netherlands which can turn your special day a lot more special!

At the Romantic Honeymoon Destination- Amsterdam, you will find diversity in your sights. You will have the chance to enjoy universities, academies, and research institutes, along with more than 40 museums, numerous theaters, and entertainment venues in this Romantic Honeymoon Destination. Besides, there is famous bridges, canals and other many interesting places which will make your days much more unique. As Amsterdam is known as the cultural center of Netherlands, you can enjoy all the cultural components there also.

romantic honeymoon destination
Rijks Museum Amsterdam

And if you want to taste the cultural part of the Romantic Honeymoon Destination, Amsterdam, you should start your tour with the most popular attractions and the important sight of the art of Amsterdam – the Rijksmuseum. Here you will find about seven million works of art and a well-stocked library of more than 35,000 books and manuscripts.

romantic honeymoon destination

In the case of the museum, you can also go to the Anne Frank Museum, which is dedicated to persons who are the victims of the mostly known holocaust of the world. You will find the museum in Prinsengracht.

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romantic honeymoon destination

There is also the Van Gogh Museum in this Romantic Honeymoon Destinations. It opened during 1973 and has the world’s largest collection of Van Gogh paintings. You can enjoy about more than 200 paintings, 500 drawings, and 700 letters from Van Gogh here. If you love paintings, you shouldn’t miss it!

romantic honeymoon destination

Besides, there are museums like- Rembrandt House Museum, the Jewish Historical Museum, the Stedelijk Museum – Municipal Museum Amsterdam, the Amsterdam Museum, The Museum of the Tropics etc in the most beautiful places in the world for honeymoon, all of which will offer you different types of art and cultural matters.

romantic honeymoon destination

If you want to visit the famous churches of Amsterdam, there are many churches for you, for example- The New Church, which is situated in the heart of Amsterdam next to the Royal Palace in Dam Square since 1814. But if you want to enjoy the old church, there is also church named- The Old Church for you. The church was built in 1306. So, you will get the opportunity to enjoy historical building, architecture, and arrangements here. If you are searching for the third option regarding churches, you can also go for the West Church.

romantic honeymoon destination

Besides the museum and churches, you can also visit the Royal Palace in the Romantic Honeymoon Destinations, Amsterdam. Based upon the ancient architectural work in rome, during 1648 the task of building this place started. Formerly it was known as the town hall, but now it is using as the King’s residence when he’s in the city.

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romantic honeymoon destination

If you want to know how the houses of ancient Amsterdam were, then you can take a look on The Begijnhof. Here, you will find many old houses. Though they are too well maintained to say old!

romantic honeymoon destination

If you are bored from all these things and want to enjoy some sea sights you can go for The Port of Amsterdam. Besides, you can also go to the botanical garden and zoo to have some visitors to nature.

romantic honeymoon destination

In your honeymoon, of course, you would like to collect some memories and its shopping which can make your this job easier. If you want to have the experience of a completely different shopping in the Romantic Honeymoon Destinations, you can go for Kalverstraat and Vlooienmarkt.

romantic honeymoon destination

Now, where you are going to stay during your honeymoon? There are many places like- Hotel Old Bridge, Hotel Sipermann, easy hotel Amsterdam Arena etc. which will give you comfort in cheap ranges regarding this issue. So? What are you thinking? Let’s go for it.

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