Havasupai The Most Exciting And Best Honeymoon Destination

best honeymoon destination

Are you newly married and planning for an exciting honeymoon in one of the best honeymoon destination in the world? Your journey of life can have a great start with the touch of nature in Havasupai, the most popular and best honeymoon destination of Arizona! As a place of great attraction, various parts of the United States every year attracts people from the various part of the world to celebrate the most exciting event of their life- honeymoon here! Like every place, Arizona also has its costly budget offered for the people coming from outside. But if you are planning for it, from our side we are informing you about the most available, cheap, attractive and comfortable honeymoon places in Arizona, The United States. And of course, we are talking about one of the most popular honeymoon destination, Havasupai!

If you want the best service in the least expense, in Arizona, Havasupai can be the first choice of you for the most affordable honeymoon destination ever. Besides the enormous beauty, you can also have the taste of a great culture and civilization in Havasupai. The people of Havasupai have a history of 800 years! They used to live beside the Grand Canyon. Lots of hardship, pleasure, incidents have made them enriched as a civilization. Now, it has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Arizona. The people of Havasupai choose their reservation as their way of life and culture. Yeah! It has worked. People come in this most popular honeymoon destination each year for their honeymoon and others celebration. Do you want to come here too? Why not? Let’s join!

best honeymoon destination

Each year about 20,000 visitors visit Havasupai. Before coming here you have to book either a room in their lodge or any space at the campground. One of the most popular attractions of this most popular honeymoon destination for the tourist is its creek. The name of the creek situated in Havasupai is Havasu. It runs through Supai. Havasu Creek has some waterfalls. One of the most popular falls is Havasu Falls. If you want to enjoy the view of Grand Canyon, you can also enjoy it from this place. But to be there you have to walk.

best honeymoon destination

The most popular honeymoon destination, Havasupai also has a trail road also. The trailhead of the trail is at Hualapai Hilltop. It is furnished with a large parking lot, a helipad, and portable toilets. You can travel the trail on foot or horseback. Besides, sometimes transportation by helicopter also is available. You can also take someone for carrying luggage or packs. The trail to Supai is approximately 8 miles.

best honeymoon destination

Maybe the road to the most popular honeymoon destination Havasupai can be a little bit tough for you. But you know! It will give you the chance to stand with your partners, to share your mutual feelings and dreams. Besides, after finishing the road you will find some great view of Havasu Falls, Havasupai Falls, Mooney Falls, Navajo falls etc. This will blow your mind. You can also have a look on the Supai Indian village and Fern Canyon.

best honeymoon destination

The flight fare of Havasupai is not that much high. Besides, you can be in Havasupai in a very cheap range too. If you want to stay on the reservation, in this cheap honeymoon destination the range will start from $17 for per night. Besides, there is Havasupai Lodge, which is very much popular to the tourists of Havasupai. You can also have some places to stay in Hualapai Hilltop. Before heading towards Havasupai you can stay in the Hualapai lodge of Peach Spring. Besides, there can be some other option for your stay if you want to spend the night just outside of Havasupai. Besides the Peach Spring, from the East is Seligman on Historic Route 66 you can choose any hotel or motel. There are places like- Kingman too around Havasupai. But if you want to stay close to Havasupai and enjoy your honeymoon, the small hotel in Supai village of the most popular honeymoon destination is a perfect one for you. So? What’s next? When is the flight?

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